IMPORTANT Update 3rd May 2020

As a result of the interview on this page, David Icke and London Real have been de-platformed on many mainstream Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Linkedin.

It’s just two men talking, having a conversation. You might agree or disagree with the argument, but you have to agree they have the right to discuss it. – Mark Bellinger.

Our freedom of speech and basic human rights are being attacked on a magnitude we’ve never seen before in modern history.

The recent BANNING of this David Icke Interview by YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and the UK regulator Ofcom shows us that we as citizens no longer have the right to publicly express our independent opinions.

Originally these videos were hosted PRIVATELY on the Vimeo platform but were removed by their administrators along with a number of other unrelated content. As such I no longer use that service and just one video remains to mark the Death of Freedom of speech.

The videos are now hosted on my own server and can be downloaded directly by clicking on the images below.