Many people dream of giving up their job and travelling the world, but reminded of the saying “Be careful what you wish for” I suggest that maybe one of life’s ‘gotchas’ is that few of us are ever content with the status quo, so maybe it is just human nature to want what you haven’t got.
I just got off the phone with VISA, I am about to embark on a 75 day business trip that involves multiple countries and locations, as I read out my intended itinerary to the lad on the other end of the phone so as to ensure that my piece of weathered plastic is less likely to be declined and cause me inconvenience, it was clear that he was intrigued as to what a person with this long and strange list of locations did for a living.

“And how long are you in New York for?” he said. “Just one day, arrive by ship in the morning am flying out later in the evening” I replied.

When designing a lifestyle the hardest question you ever have to answer is “What do I love to do?” For me I have always enjoyed travel and of course for people who travel a great deal, part of the joy in travel is looking forward to being back in your own bed and appreciating your home more.

Life should be an exciting adventure and these days I regularly have to take an attitude check when the petty annoyances of travel start to get to me, it is the sort of stuff that for someone travelling once or twice a year would probably go completely unnoticed but for those of us in and out of airports and hotels regularly can really grind your gears.

It is at these times I have to remind myself what I wished for and be grateful that I now have it, a business I can run from practically anywhere, freedom of time and extensive travel as part and parcel of what I do.