Brexit (Good or Bad?)

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Today, let’s talk Brexit, Good or Bad?

In 2016 the British public were asked just one question, In or Out?

It was frankly a stupid question because what follows that question are boundless amounts of others questions about in or out of what?

In the currency? Well Britain has never had the Euro

Open Borders? Well Britain has never actually had an open border, it has alway been outside of the Schengen zone.

The truth is that there were plenty of good reasons to vote in or out depending on the subject in hand, if you are currently in receipt of European money to fund your important and valuable project then you would most likely vote ‘in’ which is perfectly understandable.

If you are in an industry negatively affected  by EU legalisation then maybe you would have swayed to saying ‘Out’

The question was just too subjective but in the end, the British people had to vote and they did, 17.4 million said ’Out’ 16.1 million said ’In’ and as with most elections the power of the unused vote, i.e. those who didn’t bother or care, was a massive 12.8 million people.

So just over a year on, was it good or bad, will it be good or bad? Everybody has an opinion, we live in the age of opinion, but I would say, who bloody cares? It is a distractive side show.

We the people, we actually drive the economy, we run the infrastructure of the country, we ultimate decide who we want to buy from and who we sell to, not Governments.

In a recent statement, Michel Barnier the Chief Negotiator for the European Commission, talked of “Intense Work” being carried out in the Brexit talks, but let’s be honest, how seriously should we take people who ’break up’ in the Summer like schoolchildren?

You can just picture them after six weeks of holidays, they arrive back at the Office of Trade and Industry excited to show their colleagues their new shiny lunchbox !

Now you could suggest that one the best things to come out of the Brexit is how it has revealed just  how many closet racists there are among our friends and family.

I don’t think there is necessarily a huge under-swell of extreme racism, but more a case of educating people on their actual roots and glibly highlighting that if they are good at their job then nobody can actually take it.

As a businessman who runs a UK company, has an office in Poland and does business with people globally I voted ‘Out’ simply because I do not want unelected, unqualified people with unchecked power that could influence and affect millions of peoples lives.