Newspapers exist because people buy them, there’s a statement of the blatantly flaming obvious.

I have often wondered though who actually parts with their cash to buy these propaganda comics in today’s day and age of constant 24 hour news feeds, what can possibly be the logic is for doing so? I can only assume it is a down to a bad habit like any other.

Everybody knows that largely these presstitutes print either what they are told to by their corporate masters or at best, if some vague work of what resembles journalism creeps into the edit it will only be a fine vein of truth pumped full of a narrative of conjecture, bias and overzealous sensationalism.

So I did have to have to laugh when I saw this report Record Complaints for Sun UK Muslim ‘Jihadi sympathy’ story.

The report tells us that apparently 1,200 people wrote to complain about this story’s accuracy!

Since when has anyone with a brain cell read a newspaper and believed that they follow with any conscience or care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information?

Although for all I know maybe those readers that complained thought that it was inaccurate and that it was much more likely that more than 1 in 5 Muslims are sympathetic to those who had fled abroad to join the USA’a CIA rogue rent a mob known as ISIS ISIL and IS depending on the day of the week.

Corrections & Clarification were published later, not as a front page headline though.

A small ‘Corrections & Clarifications’ were published later, not as a front page headline though.

As usual the solution is simpler than complaining to some toothless adjudicator, just STOP BUYING THE FUCKING NEWSPAPER!

These dirt sheets only survive from the money people gladly part with to have their opinion of humanity screwed and warped out of all reality, yes I am talking to you Daily Mail readers who I suspect are mainly reading them to re-enforce that their already low opinion and disgust of their fellow citizen is well founded.