For most people it would appear that unless a story is on the front page of a Presstitute daily rag or being repeated every hour, on the hour by their chosen TV news brainwash channel or talked about by a celebrity, then it simply isn’t happening.

So when they all in unison start posting harrowing images of a dead child washed up on a beach it is hard for anyone to have missed it or at least have been touched by the conversation and outcry that follows.

But is there really an outcry? Do you really give a shit?

Something must be done, we all cry, what is our Government doing about it? and then, the inevitable petition appears, in this case; Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.

Petition Signed, whew, conscience clear

Petition Signed, whew, conscience clear

Dare I suggest that by signing this petition, most feel their work here is done?

Good, I helped this petition get to 100,000 signatures with a click of my mouse and now it must be ‘considered’ for debate in the house of commons, job done, conscience clear, what’s on TV tonight?

What the FUCK! may be debated?

There are people dying because the UK and others bombed these countries into oblivion, so if someone survived the bombing, survived the fleeing of a war torn country and survived the crossing of the Mediterranean then surely we should not be debating anything, surely we should be doing everything we can as some recompense for devastating their life.

It would be interesting to see how quickly enthusiastic and emotional petition signees would flake away if clicking their mouse also required some actual action on their part.

For example, the following petition may not gather such quick support;

Sign this petition: If you would like some people in suits to debate something we already know the answer to whilst you and your family take in the people your tax money was used for to destroy their country.

or maybe this

Sign this petition: If you are prepared to put your tax contributions into escrow until you have assurance that under International Law it is not being used to fund Illegal Wars.

So how outraged are you then, not enough to take in a refugee i’ll bet and certainly not enough to step out of line and risk a jail term for your trouble.

Sadly I think we live in an age now where popping a donation to a charity fund on the credit card, a signature on a petition and a strongly worded tweet to @Number10gov is all that is really needed to ease most peoples consciences.

Truth is that whilst our children sleep soundly and securely in their homes and we quietly acquiesce, pay our taxes and turn a blind eye, that our money has been used and is still being used to create hell on earth for other humans and the massive profit of others, the only good news is that hell on earth is just close enough for the results to occasionally get washed up on our own doorstep and bring that message home.