Once upon a time there was a country led by a guy, for the sake of this story let’s call him David.

It was a wealthy country, rich people liked how David ran things and its capital city was not just rich in wealth but rich in culture and history.

Despite its considerable wealth, many of its citizens were poor, millions relied on food banks and shockingly there were still thousands across the country including children left homeless and hungry.

The sick crimes of the rich went unpunished, private banks printed whatever money they needed other laundered unchecked and the democracy had turned into a tyranny with David and his henchman and women seemingly ignoring any protest or uprising from the plebs.

Other nations looked in envy at this countries wealth and plotted on how they could feed on its wealth and ‘free’ it’s people.

One afternoon the world news was frantic with reports that someone had purposefully crashed passenger jets into buildings in Iraq’s capital Baghdad, within minutes the narrative was that it was a western terrorist group.

Nobody knew who was behind the attacks, but before the dust could even settle, Iraq had formed a coalition with other countries and had decided based on evidence that Britain might be sympathetic to this terrorist faction, the fact that this country had Weapons of Mass Destruction it was evidence enough to bomb the country in response and in turn, free the British people from their tyrannical oppressor David.

The bombing went on for years, London no longer recognisable, the same across the whole country, millions killed, millions more were displaced and fled to live in the safer countries of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Many of the citizens formed their own militia in this new state of  lawlessness and unrest, some were aided by weapons and money supplied from other countries with their own agendas to play out.

Some citizens wished to strike back at the countries that had destroyed their lives, killed their families, some did and were branded terrorists, considered most likely to be those responsible for starting the war in the first place.

Most people however, by far, most just wanted to be left alone, to feel safe again in their own home.