David Icke has just just appeared at Wembley Arena in London with an 11ish hour lecture entitled “Remember Who You Are”

Most people probably remember Icke as that guy who used to be a presenter on the telly that everybody laughed at on the Wogan show a couple of decades ago, since then he has gone on to become one of the worlds leading conspiracy theorists with a massive worldwide following.

Unlike many of the reviews by so called “journalists” here is a review of Ickes event from someone who was actually there, someone who listened to it in full and isn’t being paid to write this.

If any of the “Presstitutes” had bothered to stay for the climax when Icke asks the question of society “What are you doing”? They could have at least printed one sure truth in their reviews by answering …”I’m being paid” sadly it appears that most who turned up came just to glean a few tasty wacky soundbites and go off to write pathetically predictable articles that could have been cut and pasted by a 6 year old from previous editorial,

So, what did actually happen? What did that ‘crazy’ Icke have to say that needed eleven hours to explain? Well, the day was split into four parts, the first of which was pretty critical to truly comprehend how the rest of the information delivered fitted together, the nature of any lecture of this kind is that you can’t assume that everyone is starting from the same page, to use a construction analogy here, if I were to teach you how to lay bricks for a house but had assumed you knew how and had already built the foundations then even if we even got as far as putting on the roof it is unlikely that we would be able to complete the house.

So with the groundwork laid, Icke went on in the next parts to explain his theory on how the human race is being manipulated and that there are several levels to the conspiracy of which our everyday politicians and show-business stars are just replaceable distractions/figurehead puppets of….most who work on behalf of the global elite are so compartmentalised that they don’t even realise they are a cog in the machine, then there are the “men in grey suits”….the powerful ruling families and secret societies …but then on to the lizards!

Now, here’s a question; does the fact that most people don’t understand exactly how a jet plane weighing several hundred tons manages to defeat gravity and carry you and your fellow passengers up to 35,000 feet and navigate to the other side of the globe stop them from taking that trip?

No of course not…

So ridiculing Ickes lizard theory because it seems so unbelievable is no more short sighted than our ancient ancestors fearing to sail out beyond the horizon because they didn’t have a grasp on planetary physics. I remember chatting recently to a young man from the Philippines who asked me to explain snow to him, he wanted to know what happened when you trod on it, what does it feel like etc, for him it was fascinating and almost impossible to comprehend, but of course, just because YOU don’t know about it or understand it, doesn’t necessarily mean it is nonsense or doesn’t exist, we certainly know that lizards exist and we know that once upon a time some of them were bloody huge and that they were earths dominating predators, we know that ancient ancestors revered them as god like and in fact there is a lot of fascinating evidence that makes Ickes Lizard theory seem not so crazy after all.

However, true or not, it is largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of all the information he presents, much of what Icke details about society, it’s corporate structure, it’s secret societies, it’s banking system, politics etc is just the plain truth and well researched cold hard facts that anyone with the inclination to do so could investigate themselves.

It should also be noted that Icke often prefixes his sentences with “I suggest…” and far from being arrogant that he knows all the answers it is clear that like all of us he is a person on a journey of discovery where more becomes clear the further we go.

Many of Ickes predictions from decades ago are also now cold hard facts, nobody can deny the existence of global debt, the surveillance society, corporate corruption etc. the question is, just because you don’t buy in to or even understand the lizard stuff, should you ignore everything?

When you go to a supermarket, what do you buy, everything in the store or just what you need that day? Nobody would stand outside the store and question your choice to just take what you needed and with Icke or anyone else it should be no different.

Have you ever read a book for a second time and said “I don’t remember reading that the first time around” as the old saying goes, “When the student is ready then the teacher will appear”

And herein lies the rub, the subject matter of what Icke covers is too uncomfortable for most to stomach, because it peels back the facade and reveals the worst aspects of humanity, accused of being negative, Icke asks quite rightly, how can revealing the truth be negative?

Now, I think everybody enjoys a good conspiracy theory, if not at the very least so they can annoy those that believe in them by simply saying, “I don’t think so”

Sadly in this current age “conspiracy theory” is used as a derogatory term to immediately label those proposing them as weird or nutters, I consider myself a ‘critical thinker’ I don’t take for granted what people tell me, I listen, digest and then if the information is of interest then I do my own research to establish its credibility.

Now I put my hand on my heart and say I can’t confirm everything that Icke says is true, but one thing is for sure that the vast majority of it is right on the money and therefore the rest doesn’t really matter.

Ickes message when it boils down to it is very clear, that we are many and they (the global elite) are few, more importantly that one persons injustice is injustice to all of us.

Despite some journalists labelling Icke as anti semitic it is very clear that whilst he is firmly in the atheist camp that he has no axe to grind with any of the worlds religions and pretty much only goes so far as to point out that they all worship the same Abrahamic deity added to which that we should celebrate our individuality our creativity our culture but just understand that like in nature we are all part of the same consciousness and experience.

It is very clear from my experience of travelling and meeting people that actually we live in a world where most people want the same basic things, to feel secure, to have food in their belly, spend time with their loved ones and as Icke points out it is not about the 1% and the 99%, it is more like the 99.999% and the 0.001%

So, why should you care what Icke says? Well the truth is that Icke for sure doesn’t give a damn if you do or not and for the record neither do I, but what he and those who understand the agenda for the global elite do care about is the fact that we, our children and grandchildren will have to live in the world that is being systematically enslaved around us.

I wouldn’t even dare to be so obtuse as to try and cover all of Ickes musings in a review but as one example of reference, have you ever heard of Agenda 21 ? If not then you might want to research it because wherever you are reading this, it effects you and you family….whether you believe in lizards or not.

As Icke’s says, what will you say to your children when they ask “What were you doing” when the prison was being built?

You can’t say I didn’t know because it’s a lie, you do, the information is there and ignorance and fear of reality is not an excuse.

The only question I was left asking as the lecture moved to the final part was “OK, so how do we sort this shitty mess out”?

Ickes solution, although one of simplicity may prove to be more important than most of us can even comprehend.

The answer: Don’t Comply

The question that raises is whether humanity are brave enough to do that, are soldiers brave enough to say NO when ordered to shoot innocent people? are enforcement officers brave enough to say NO when ordered to arrest people taking part in peaceful protest (the non comply dance) ? Are politicians brave enough to tell the truth even when the party whip has ordered their silence? Are parents brave enough to say NO to mandatory vaccinations? Are teachers brave enough teach children the truth and encourage free thinking?

Simply, are you brave enough to do what is right, expose those who do evil and stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the human race and say “NO, not on our watch”!!

So, Is David Icke Mad?

I look at the world I live in today and the evidence strongly suggests that the world is mad and David Icke is just a man who has been brave enough to point that fact out to us.