As I approach two weeks of complete self-isolation I feel the need to write a few things that some of you might find very uncomfortable to read, I’m not going to apologize for that, so reading on is your choice entirely.

I have had plenty of time to sit and observe, research, listen and read and I am now calling BULLSHIT on this whole COVID-19 debacle. 


Is COVID-19 a deadly virus?
Let’s state the facts; I am not making light of what is evidently a deadly virus to certain people in our population.

I am also fully aware of the argument that our health systems in most countries are struggling to deal with COVID-19.

However, to be fair, our hospitals are underfunded and under-resourced to deal with everything else at the best of times, so why now does everyone seem so concerned with the well being of these amazing people who care for us at our moment of greatest need?

When you take all the available evidence and put it together, it simply does not add up. The draconian actions being enforced and the knock-on effect is grossly out of context with reality.


Assuming we take the reported figures as accurate, as I write, on the 24th May 2020, worldwide, 344,965 people have died this season of COVID-19 whereas only 193,048 have died of the Flu.

The figures for flu are low and remarkable given that every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses.

If you add the figures of COVID-19 with Influenza, it sits within the range of expected deaths from seasonal influenza.

Approximately 56 Million People die every year. COVID-19 is currently running at less than 0.62% of that figure* Registering somewhere between Homicides and Parkinson’s disease.

And while you are perusing the stats, take a look at the top line and ask yourself whether we should be more concerned with our diet and lifestyle.

*COVID Stats correct as of 24th May 2020


Stay Home, Stop the Spread.  

That’s good advice. Makes sense, doesn’t it? We all do our bit, take the pressure off the health service. 

But we now discover that not even our frontline health workers have been tested for COVID-19 and they are not even sure that the test they have ordered in large numbers really works. So while you and I go stir crazy, containing any infection in our homes, this highly contagious ‘deadly virus’ is working its way through the frontline medical staff.

What about the police force? The army? And of let’s not forget those who are making, delivering and selling us food. 

And oh how some of those in uniform revel in their newly acquired superpowers!

Welcome to the Fourth Reich,







“I can’t stay home; I need to earn money!”

Don’t worry, your Government has got your back, whether you are a business, employee or self-employed, it’s all there, a package for you to maybe ‘survive’ on until…er…well…we don’t know. HOORAY! 

Three Cheers for Her Majestys Government!

But hold on, why would they do such a beautiful thing? Because we all need to pull together? This is a time of National Crisis? That doesn’t sound like Government talk does it? And indeed it isn’t; it is just the marketing campaign.

Read the small print and the reality is that even if you manage to make it to the end of the massive queue for financial assistance, the Government will take every single penny of it back, either directly, or through your taxes, or everyone else’s taxes.


The truth is, some people are going to come out of this event in much better shape than they went in; this is where the truth lies.

I have been studying the stock markets with great interest, and it’s almost like another parallel world.

As you would expect, stocks in travel-related shares have hit two-year lows, but wait, before there is any announcement of the lifting of travel restrictions, their stock is almost universally rising!

Now it may still hit new lows, but one thing you can be sure of, there are people ‘In the Know’ who are having a merry old time buying up this rock bottom stock in their millions.

Also, Big Pharma stocks were wallowing in the doldrums, but as night follows day, there will be COVID-19 test kits and all the other paraphernalia that will skyrocket those investments.

What’s the Final Solution?

We hear people say that “we should learn from our history”, but the truth is that the Human Race is much better at just repeating it rather than learning from it.

In this text, I used a reference to Nazi Germany, which some of you might feel is overkill, but ask yourself, how did Germany become Nazi Germany?

The answer to that in a few words is ‘executive power’ granted to the Government, the acquiescence of the mass population and good people saying and doing nothing out of fear and retribution.

You may be suffering from cognitive dissonance, and my words will simply strengthen your belief that your Government wouldn’t possibly stoop so low as to harm its own people.

I finish by saying;

Question Everything!

Assume Nothing

Do Not Give In to Fear

Take Responsibility for Your Own Family


Please don’t kill the messenger.

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” 

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)