The British ‘Democratic’ system is broken Posted during the 65 days leading up to the UK General Election 2015 here is the run down in full for posterity.
Just for the record, as no Independent was standing in my constituency I am one of the proud Million+ who voted Green that under the corrupt system are only represented by 1 seat out of 650  
No.1 – Britain in 2015 has more than 90,000 CHILDREN living on the streets and 3.5 Million living in poverty – Statistic & Facts No.2 – Michael Sheen slam NHS cuts and “bland” politicians. No.3 –Today I attended the funeral of a great man, a man who had a massive positive influence on my life, my ex father in law. Christopher Coyte was a life long Labour supporter, but I am sure that he would agree with me when I urge everyone entitled to vote, to USE your vote and make your voice heard, not necessarily just a party or a party leader but someone who you feel truly represents you and the people you care about, NOT Corporations, NOT Lobbyists, NOT Special interest groups but YOU! Thank you Chris, thank you for teaching me to question everything, that questioning the status quo is not just ok but necessary, you will be missed, but never ever forgotten. No.4 – Show these obtuse corporate funded puppets that EVERY candidate is entitled to a voice. No.5 – I urge Voters to Rule Out the old deal of Voting for any of these self righteous mainstream party pricks by giving them a massive wake up call and totally changing the face of democracy by voting for people who actually give a shit about you and your community. No.6 – The audacity of these people is dumbfounding! Why would you want to live in a society where ANY education wasn’t free. It is time to kick out the ‘Old Boys’ network and put accountable real people and real leaders who have lived real lives in charge.  Free schools: David Cameron pledges 500 more by 2020 No.7 – The primary reason for radicalisation around the world is the fact that the UK’s so called ‘Defence’ budget is actually spent on Attack and not Defence. For citation see our legacy in ‪#‎Libya‬ ‪#‎Iraq‬ ‪#‎Afghanistan‬ No.8 – For the answer to the important question in this image it may be helpful for you to Google and research‪#‎Democide‬ Cameron Millionaire No.9 – Do you really want to live in a society where we go through this pretence to raise money for basic things that our society should already provide? #REDNOSEFARCE No.10 – Because the illegal death of more than 1 million innocent lives and displacement of even more deserves to be answered #‎chilcot‬ ‪#‎farse‬ No.11 – ‘Lies, damned lies, and statistics’ Lies Exposed by Facts Here – Check out Full Fact for some fact checking No.12 – Because the truth about the Westminster Paedophile Ring must be exposed. No.13 – Because we shouldn’t treat any human like this! ‪#‎detainedvoices‬ No.14 – Because allowing private banks to create debt out of thin air is destroying our economy. No.15 – “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. ”― Anthony Robbins true power No.16 – Are these the type of people you want running your country? No.17 – Because it’s Their little club, and you and I ain’t in it ! Bullingdon Boys No.18 – Camp Bastion Afghanistan – The size of Reading, Cost more than £1 Billion …money well spent? No.19 –Because politics should be a calling, not a career. No.20 – Because you do have choice and you do make a difference. No.21- Because NO seat is actually safe! No.22 – Because national security should never trump human decency – Westminster Paedophile ring: Was second man killed over child abuse cover-up? No.23 – Because you want real leaders that represent YOU! No.24 – Because if they want your vote they should understand the money system. No.25 – Because last time you allowed people like this to be in charge! Jon Snow spoke to Work and Pensions Sec Iain Duncan Smith No.26 – Because change starts with you! No 27 – Teach this deluded man not to be so obtuse in telling you what your choices are.  I want to ‘see job through’, says Cameron No 28 – Because the BBC Propaganda machine will try to brainwash you into believing you only have a choice of 7 parties to vote for. No 29 – Because they think you are stupid enough to believe this.  The general election candidates with no hope of winning No 30 –Because £30 Million has better uses in our society.  Election campaign spending by political parties No 31 – Because you do have the power to take these idiots down No 32 – Because none of the ‘Seven’ are credible enough to run a country No 33 – Because whatever the tax rate, money gets wasted on WAR! No 34 – Because Parties sure as anything don’t care about you, but people do! No 35 –Real people with real life experience of real issues are your real leaders. No 36 –Because if a 6 year old can see through the bullshit, then what is your excuse?Cameron’s awkward School Photo Op Cameron Fail No 37 – Because 2 out of every 3 people YOU know is happy with the status quo to continue. No 38 – Because people fought for your right to have a vote! No 39 – Because the system is rigged but you CAN make a difference – Electoral Reform Society No 40 – Because homelessness is up by 6% in just the last year. ‘Homelessness not a crime’: Oxford’s rough sleeping ban condemned No 41 – Because if you can’t be bothered to stand up and make your mark then you will just have to sit down, shut up and put up for the next 4 years. Fewer people registered in 2015 than 2010 No 42 – Because there is even help for you to work out who to vote for – Position Dial No 43 – Because THEY work for YOU! Check your Mp’s voting record No 44 – Because they think your are dumb George Carlin No.45 – Positive Money No.46 – Because Charlie Chaplin says so   No 47 – 3 days to register to vote, or you can shut the fuck up for 5 years! Nobody cares what you think until then. No 48 – Because the Red or Blue story (Republican or Democrat) is a complete media brainwash No 49 – Because the PM created this humanitarian disaster by destroying other peoples countries.  Mediterranean migrant deaths: PM calls for action after boat disaster No 50 – Because once upon a time Ladies didn’t even have a voice. Ladies Vote Matters No 51 – Because as a matter of fact if you think it is only a choice of Blue, Red or Yellow then you have been brainwashed. No 52 – Because building a new system starts with YOU! Common Decency No 53 – Because the money system is broken and corrupt. Transforming Finance No 54 – Over 1 Million people in the UK rely on Food Banks – Food Bank use tops million mark over the last year No 55 – Because you could end up with someone like Phillip Mamouf-Wifarts No 56 – Because if you interviewed ANY of the so called ‘candidates’ you would have to be insane to employ any of them as leader of a country! David Cameron millaband Nick Clegg Nigel Farage No 57 Because some of you have some really cool Independents to vote for! No 58 – Because YOUR debt is utter insanity and going up by £400 million daily! – National Debt Clock National Debt Clock No 59 – Have you noticed how the country continues to operate quite happily while Parliament has been dissolved? No 60 – Because the only thing worse than voting Blue, Red or Yellow, is to not vote at all. No 61 – Because you have been brainwashed by the BBC’s propaganda machine of lies that only Blue or Red can win. – What if no-one wins the Election? Build a Majority No 62 – Child Abuse 11173347_486415534839226_7325186915633926272_n No 63 – Because this is what you actually live in – Democratic Dictatorship No 64 – Because any candidate can win IF you vote for them No 65 – Because the truth is the truth whether you like it or not How to waste £375 billion? (The failure of Quantitative Easing) No 66 – I don’t agree with this guy on a lot of things, but on this, he nails it! We have a democracy problem. No 67 – Because you may hate Politics but you love Animals – 10 Reasons to Vote Cruelty Free on 7 May