Author: Mark Bellinger

If David Icke is Mad then ‘God’ help the rest of us

David Icke has just just appeared at Wembley Arena in London with an 11ish hour lecture entitled “Remember Who You Are” Most people probably remember Icke as that guy who used to be a presenter on the telly that everybody laughed at on the Wogan show a couple of decades ago, since then he has gone on to become one of the worlds leading conspiracy theorists with a massive worldwide following. Unlike many of the reviews by so called “journalists” here is a review of Ickes event from someone who was actually there, someone who listened to it in...

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What do You Do on Mondays?

It’s Monday … another dull day at the office? Nah! we drove six of the worlds greatest super cars! Here is our review featuring the Audi R8 Porsche 997 Ferrari 458 Italia Lamborghini Murcielago LP460 Aston Martin DB9 & Ariel Atom …oh and the Mitsubishi...

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