Author: Mark Bellinger

The One About Brexit

Brexit (Good or Bad?) Welcome to Marks World, identical to your world but just from my unique experience! Today, let’s talk Brexit, Good or Bad? In 2016 the British public were asked just one question, In or Out? It was frankly a stupid question because what follows that question are boundless amounts of others questions about in or out of what? In the currency? Well Britain has never had the Euro Open Borders? Well Britain has never actually had an open border, it has alway been outside of the Schengen zone. The truth is that there were plenty of...

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The One About…The Aston Martin

For the last twenty years, I dreamed of owning an Aston Martin, earlier this year I bought my first, an Aston Martin Carbon White Edition DB9. Chase your dreams, ignore the dream stealers, be deaf to those who tell you what you can’t achieve, surround yourself with like minded people and everything you dare to dream is yours...

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